Our Innovation Department plays an essential role in designing customised projects for each client.

We do not limit ourselves to a closed catalogue of products at DGH, but design each project in a personalised way for each client, regardless of the problem to be solved. Our Innovation Department plays an essential role when designing proposals.

DGH keeps abreast of the latest technical developments and research internationally

The DGH Innovation Department is responsible for keeping up to date with all the technological innovations in the field of engineering, robotics and industrial automation available on the national and international market. This information is passed on to the other DGH departments, which transform it into practical knowledge when it comes to designing, developing and implementing the most efficient and functional industrial solutions.

DGH's Innovation Department cross-cutting nature generates added value for the rest of DGH's business departments thanks to a constant flow of information and knowledge.

Through the Innovation Department, DGH is also part of an open network of international collaboration between different stakeholders, international universities, mainly European, technology centres and suppliers from all over the world.

Solving short-term issues focused on the circumstances of specific clients is enhanced by the knowledge acquired in R&D&I projects aimed at providing answers to long-term challenges through constant collaboration and participation in different consortiums.

Therefore, DGH holds the knowledge and capabilities to bring the latest technological advances in the sector to the day-to-day industrial automation sector. The latest technological prototypes become effective industrial solutions in our hands.

Through the Innovation Department at DGH, we are involved in various national and European R&D&I project subsidy programmes, such as the Missions Programme from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, the European Horizon 2020 Programme and the new Horizon Europe Programme, the European Union's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for the period 2021-2027.

The latter programme has a three-pillar structure:

  • Excellent Science.
  • Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness.
  • Innovative Europe.

Innovation projects


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